Our History

Developing pride and self confidence

TATTS was founded in 2012.  Since then, TATTS has had dozens of autistic children and young adults  participate in its programming.

Many autistic individuals struggle with perspective taking, empathy and change. They often see the world as black & white, desiring predictability and struggle with understanding other people’s point of view. They also experience the world in very concrete terms. When we founded TATTS, we wanted to convey this issue of perspective taking in a pragmatic, physical manner that makes sense to them. We wanted them to see their world from the air. We wanted to take autism to the sky.

TATTS got its start on KickStarter – a crowd-sourced funding platform for projects.  Through the generosity of over 75 donors worldwide, we raised $3,397 and used it to purchase our first drones and equipment. See the TATTS KickStarter video below and go here  for the full project.

TATTS team members reviewing footage w/ film crew on hand
TATTS crew goes off road to get to the flight location. Good sensory break!