Our 2018 programming will be held in the Madison, WI area on 4 Saturdays during July & August. Each session will be held from 9:00am – 12:00pm with specific meeting locations yet to be determined.

  • Session 1, July 14th: Indoor.  Introductions and ice breaker followed by rotating stations (Flight Simulator Station, Visualization Station, and Flight School).
  • Session 2, July 28th: Outdoor.  Recap of session #1 followed by rotating stations (Flight Simulator Station, Visualization Station,  and Flight School).
  • Session 3, August 11th: Outdoor.  Recap of session #2 followed by rotating stations (Flight Simulator Station, Visualization Station,  and Flight School).
  • Session 4, August 25th: Outdoor. Recap of session #3 followed by rotating stations (Flight Simulator Station, Visualization Station,  and Flight School).

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Check out our new drone for 2018 – unboxing video HERE

Fees – Historically, TATTS provided free programming with the help of significant financial support from outside agencies.  We continue our fundraising efforts but, unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer free programming. The summer program fee for 2018 is $200.  Sibling participation (see sibling policy below) is an additional $100/sibling.

Fee Assistance – Fee waivers are available for persons meeting the criteria for free or reduced lunch per their school district.  Please note your interest in being considered for fee assistance on your registration form.

Payment – Should your registration be accepted, we will work with you to process payment.  At present, TATTS  accepts checks and cash.  We recently setup a Paypal account so that is option as well.

TATTS T-shirts – TATTS team members (and participating siblings) receive a custom t-shirt with their registration.  We request that they wear it for each session.

Sibling Policy – TATTS has always tried to accommodate sibling participation in our programming.  We remain committed to this idea with the caveat that TATTS members always take precedence. During registration we will request information about sibling participation (e.g., names and ages) to adequately plan for their participation.

Returning TATTS Members – Over the years, we have had a good many  TATTS members come back for a second season.  Because we can only offer one session this year, we will put returning TATTS members on a waiting list in order to give first time registrants an opportunity to participate.  At the end of the registration period, we will reach out to all on the waiting list and add them if there is space available on a first come, first served basis.   Everyone on the waiting list will be notified on Monday, May 16th as to their status.

Parent/Guardian Participation – TATTS requires a parent or guardian to stay on-site throughout our outings so please plan accordingly.  TATTS has volunteers to run the stations and work with TATTS members but it’s good to have you nearby should the need arise.  Besides, you might learn something or maybe take a few pictures of them doing cool stuff!

Registration – Unfortunately, TATTS can only support 12 participants (not including siblings) so registration is limited. The registration window runs from  Monday, April 9th at 9 am through Sunday, May 15th at 5pm.  Register here.

Station Descriptions

As our programming progresses we repeat some items at each station to practice and improve and we interject new activities to keep it fresh.  Below is a brief description of each station.

Flight Simulator Station – TATTS team members take turns flying on a flight simulator.  Initial focus is understanding the radio to control the drone and basic manipulation of it.  As the sessions progress, pilots-in-training complete more advanced tasks like take-offs/landings and popping balloons while in the air.  TATTS team members “earn their wings” by completing flight time and logging it in their flight books.


Visualization Station – The visualization station focuses on what a future with drones could look like for a TATTS member. In the past we have built a drone from scratch, got a first hand look at various professional drones, used AR goggles to experience different landscapes, discussed drone swarming, and looked at 3D products that can be produced from drone imagery.  This year we will incorporate some of those activities as well as introduce the Augmented Reality Sandbox (ARS) as well.  Learn more about it here.


Flight School – Flight school is time to actually fly a drone (both indoor and outdoor).  TATTS members start flying small, camera-outfitted drones indoor  and then a variety of GPS-enabled drones, both with and without a camera, during the outdoor sessions.


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