TATTS provided a full series of programming for its members in 2016.  A brief description of each session is noted below.

  • Session 1: Indoor.  Introductions, flight simulator, drone station (learned about GPS, different types of drones and aerial imagery), and practice flying.
  • Session 2: Indoor. Repeat of session 1 to sharpen our skills.
  • Session 3: Outdoor.  Flight simulator and flying station.  Special thanks to Heartland Farms for hosting us.
  • Session 4: Outdoor flying.  Flight simulator and flying station.  We hid large pictures of Pokemon at the flying site and the pilot and co-pilot had to work together to have the drone and camera be in the right position to find them.
  • Session 5: Making movies.  TATTS team members compiled their own movies using footage gathered throughout the summer.  Thanks to Continental Mapping Consultants for providing us computers and software for the movie making.

Below are a few of the videos created by the team this year.

Special thanks to our sponsors for this year’s programming