2013 was our inaugural season.  Admittedly, we were figuring things out shortly before doing it with the team!

  • Session 1: Parent Orientation.  Explained what this crazy idea was all about.
  • Session 2: Kick-off with kids.  Introductions, flight simulator, building the drone.
  • Session 3: Indoor. Repeat of session 2 to finish building the drone and sharpen our flying skills.
  • Session 4: Controlling the human drone.  We put a camera on a bike helmet and had a TATTS member wear it (human drone).  Another TATTS member (the pilot) gave verbal commands to the human drone to get them to go in the desired direction.  Several marched each other into trees and the marsh!
  • Session 5: Outdoor flying.  Flew our new drone (without a camera).
  • Session 6: Outdoor flying.  Flew our new drone with a camera.  Reviewed footage back at a computer.
  • Session 7: Making movies.  TATTS team members compiled their own movies using footage gathered throughout the summer.  Thanks to the UW-Wisconsin Madison Landscape Architecture Department for providing us computers and software for moving making.